Playment's GT Studio with ML-assisted labeling tools for different annotation types, project progress graph, and annotator performance analytics.

Annotations for every use case

Leverage ML-assisted labeling tools for faster and accurate annotations including 2D and 3D bounding boxes, polygons, polylines, landmarks, key-points, and semantic segmentation.
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Bounding Box
3D Bounding Box
Semantic Segmentation
Enhance visual intelligence for computer vision models with ML-assisted tools to enable object detection and tracking across multiple frames in a sequence.
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2D Bounding Box
3D Bounding Box
3D Bounding Box
Improve 3D computer vision model accuracies with multi-sensor annotations for camera, lidar and radar sensors including 3D bounding boxes, 2D-3D linking, and point cloud segmentations.
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3D Bounding Box
2D-3D Object Linking

Ground Truth Studio

GT Studio is a self-serve data labeling platform to help you create diverse, high-quality ground truth datasets at scale and streamline your data pipelines to enable faster development of your AI systems.
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GT Create

Build highly-accurate labeled data for your project at 5X speed with pre-labeling and ML-assisted annotation tools for images, videos, and 3D point clouds.
  • Support for 2D images and videos
  • Support for 3DPC data annotations
  • ML-assisted tools for auto-labeling
  • Tools for quantifying quality metrics
GT Create: Web-based labeling platform with image, video, and sensor fusion annotation tools with ML-assistance

GT Manage

Optimize labeling operations via seamless configurations, custom project flows, and quality checks with sophisticated task and workforce management software.
  • Data pipeline management tools
  • No-code workflow builder
  • Annotator productivity analytics
  • Powerful APIs for easy integration
GT Manage: Web-based labeling platform with workflow optimizer, key analytics, and easy pipeline management tools

Fully Managed Service

End-to-end project management with Playment’s labeling platform and auto-scaling workforce to optimize your ML pipeline with high-quality datasets for a variety of use cases.
Dedicated project management for labeling projects

Dedicated Project Management

We assign experienced project managers and domain experts to suit your project needs, ensuring the end-to-end management of your labeling projects.
Auto-scaling workforce for labeling projects

Auto-scaling Workforce

We have a dedicated team of 10,000+ annotators, trained to use Playment’s GT Studio, and available to deliver your labeling projects on demand.

Here’s why our customers trust us

Playment's quality annotations helped us focus our efforts towards building perception system for our robots. Their flexibility to seamlessly incorporate our feedback and evolving requirements have made them a trusted partner.

Jack Guo

Software Engineer, Nuro
Quality annotations by Playment have helped us achieve higher accuracy of our models in a very short time. Flexible solutions, QA process, and dedicated project manager helped us have peace of mind. The team was able to experience a real off-loading of annotation needs.

Abhishek Gupta

Machine Learning Specialist, HELLA India Automotive
We were very impressed with Playment’s ability to grasp complex requirements and quickly build custom tools to support it. Our dedicated engagement manager was very helpful with sharing his domain expertise to formulate the right solution for our team.

Nikola Noxon

Senior Engineer, Daimler
Playment's fully managed approach has been critical in factoring the variability and scaling up our annotation requirements. Thanks to their tools and skilled workforce, we are extremely satisfied by the quality and turnaround time they have provided. I would highly recommend Playment.

Shmoolik Mangan

Algorithm Development Manager, Vayavision
Playment has proven both reliability and dedication to our project goals. All targets were met on time; data flow and QC processes were managed seamlessly at a high level. We appreciate the team’s ability to scale up processes and match our desired quality.

Liat Rosen

Data Processing Team Lead, INNOVIZ

Designed for higher throughputs and enterprise scale

GT Studio improves productivity per annotator by 5X

A platform that keeps your team productive, always

Our ML-assisted tools and user-friendly interface ensure that your annotators are more productive, creating labeled datasets 5X faster.
High-quality data labels for computer vision use cases

Highest quality annotations, however unique your use case might be

We provide built-in QC tools like doodles and feedback comments on our labeling platform to ensure instant feedback to your annotators.
GT Studio: Easily scalable data labeling platform.

A platform that scales with your evolving business needs

Our platform is designed to flexibly fit into your pipeline, so you can build workflows and engage annotators in a way that suits your requirements as you grow.
Reliable data labeling partner for ML teams building perception models

A labeling partner that you can rely on as an extension of your team

We provide end-to-end labeling services and deep domain consulting for ML teams that need more than just a labeling platform.

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