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Why Playment?

Assured Quality

Consistently delivering high-quality results is our highest priority. Our quality assurance (QA) models are built with state-of-the-art machine learning models to ensure that we meet extremely high quality benchmarks. QA models include worker training, qualification, ranking & response scoring systems and much more.





Response Time

4 hours

We sign contracts for guaranteed quality and response time. We abide by them or you get your money back.

Faster at Scale

With 300,000+ skilled workers ready to work round-the-clock on Playment's mobile and web app, we can generate millions of labels in a matter of hours. As the workers do more work, they get better and Playment is able to accomplish much more work in lesser time.

Response Time

Worker expertise increases significantly with increase in project scale and so they work faster.

Fully Managed

You just need to share the data & labelling guidelines with our Human Intelligence (HI) team. We provide a dedicated project manager who shall prepare task instructions, train the workforce, setup workflows and ensure that contract level SLAs are delivered consistently.

Workforce Training

Workflow Setup

Task Design

Quality Assurance

Player Incentivization

Task Instructions

We offer hassle-free end to end project management to setup your process workflow on Playment.

How Playment works?

Step 1

Share Guidelines

Step 2

Share Data via API/FTP

Step 3

Just Chill!

Workflow Setup

Artificial Intelligence

Collating the Data

Task Design

Low Confidence   High Confidence

Quality Check

Worker Training & Incentives

Human Intelligence

We believe in long standing partnerships

Playment has been instrumental in scaling up the content platforms at Flipkart. The crowdsourced assistance in moderating content for Flipkart solves a real world problem at scale with quality guardrails in place. Sriram Krishnamoorthy
Group Product Manager, Flipkart

Cataloging operations can become very challenging to run error-free at scale. With Playment we found an extremely hassle free approach to tackle them. Crowdsourcing with Playment has been virtuous in terms of cost, timeliness and scale, all of it. Nehul Malhotra
General Manager, Paytm

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