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Playment envisions to expedite the AI age.

Our mission is to help companies accelerate their AI development by providing core data related solutions, significantly reducing the time to market. We enable computer vision and perception teams across the world to effortlessly build and manage ground truth data with our smart annotation tools and fully managed labeling services. Today, Playment forms an essential part of a computer vision engineer's toolkit as a reliable training and validation data bank.

We are a small team of young creators and technology enthusiasts with an unsatiable hunger to make things happen faster than expected. Playmentie's believe in the world made super efficient with AI and work hard every single day to make it a reality than merely a hyped science fiction.

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Playment was an outstanding partner for Ever AI. Their skilled staff was able to quickly and accurately tag 100s of thousands of photos for us which greatly improved the accuracy of our face detection and recognition models. Their project managers asked excellent clarifying questions which resulted in a superior project result.
Charles E. Rice
CTO, Ever AI
Playment's fully managed approach has been critical in factoring the variability and scaling up our annotation requirements. Thanks to their tools and skilled workforce, we are extremely satisfied by the quality and turnaround time they have provided. I would highly recommend Playment.
Shmoolik Mangan
Algorithm Development Manager, Vayavision

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Ajinkya Malasane (Head of Business) from Playment chats with Tom Selway at AutoSens in Brussels 2018. The leading vehicle perception conference and exhibition, held at AutoWorld Museum, Brussels and coming to the USA in May 2019 at the Michigan Science Center, Detroit.

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