How does Playment moderate user generated content?

Customers post all kinds of content while writing product reviews on website or app. For helping new customers make informed buying decisions, the user generated content (UGC) team for the Indian e-commerce leader wanted to display the most relevant reviews about the products first and de-prioritize the reviews which contained spams or service feedback, complaints. Service complaints were to be further categorised and escalated to the relevant internal teams.

SCALE: Categorisation 12000 reviews per day
Expected TAT: 4 hours


  • Playment assimilated Partner’s exact requirements to flag each review with respect to 18 tags, specific to its business.

  • Integration with Playment APIs facilitated real time sharing of data between the parties to maintain a TAT of 4 hours.

  • Playment trained its Players with the help of Tutorials and Qualifier Tasks for this use case before starting with actual review moderation.

  • The qualified Players were then asked to classify each customer review such as spam, promotion of other e-commerce retailers, service
    complaints, etc.

  • Since this Task was extremely subjective each question was sent to a minimum of 7 users to source their opinion.

Benefits Over In-house Operations

This is the fastest, accurate and the most cost effective way to gain business insights directly from customers’ sentiments and feedbacks with quantitative approach.

Ajinkya Malasane

Co-founder Playment | Head of Business

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