Why Playment ?

Playment provides you new opportunities to work on different projects called Tasks from various companies we partner with. You can work anytime, anywhere and earn. So just login on the mobile app and perform simple tasks and earn at your ease.

How does it work ?

We have created a very simple 4 step method. Download the app - Login with your Facebook account - Perform Tasks - Earn Points - Redeem. #YouPlayWePay

Why do I need to login via facebook?

We use facebook-only login to ensure that only genuine players are able use the app. It is only a pre-emptive measure, we never post or share on your wall. “Psst” We promise to be as discreet as Batman.

What are tasks? Where do they come from?

Playment partners with major ecommerce companies to offload their data works and create simple tasks for you to play and earn. The more partners we sign up, the more opportunities for you to earn on our platform.

Why don’t I see any tasks?

Playment is creating an on-demand workforce for the major ecommerce companies. So whenever there is a supply of from our partner companies, we create tasks for you to play and earn. Look out for new tasks on the app as we aim to create more opportunities for you. We monitor every player’s performance on the tasks they attempt. The more accurate tasks you submit, the more tasks will be made available for you. So step up your game. Get the act right !

What are points?

Points are the currency of the Playment world. You earn points for completing tasks successfully. These points can be redeemed for wallet cash (PayTM) and gift vouchers (Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, Bookmyshow) which you can use to recharge your phone or buy a goodie !

How do I redeem points?

To redeem points, go to REDEEM, select the number/type voucher(s) you want to redeem. Then click on ‘Proceed’ and fill in the email ID and phone no. on which you want to receive the gift voucher code. For eg. If you select PayTM, you will need to provide the phone no. with which your PayTM account is linked. #YouPlayWePay

Do I need to have a PayTM account before redeeming my points for PayTM cash?

Yes. You need to have a PayTM account to redeem PayTM cash. In case you don’t have a PayTM account, you can click on  www.paytm.com/paytmcash to create a new account and redeem the points.

Where can I find my previously redeemed vouchers?

For Paytm vouchers, you receive a SMS or you can check on your Paytm account. The remaining redeemed vouchers are sent to the email ID which you provide while redeeming the voucher. The vouchers can be viewed anytime on your email-id. Please note that the vouchers come with a validity.

Why was my task submission rejected?

We aim to keep increasing the accuracy and quality of our results. In case we find that you have answered any question incorrectly, we reject your submission. If you keep answering incorrectly, your accuracy level decreases and hence you may stop receiving tasks. So make sure you follow the instructions carefully, answer correctly and win points. Keep Playing ! Keep Winning !

Incase of emergencies you still dial 100, for any other queries on Playment contact us at support@playment.io