The efficient, self-serve data labeling
platform for progressive ML teams

Your team needs more than just a usual labeling platform. With GT Studio’s robust feature set, you can effortlessly manage annotator teams of any size, making it easier for your ML team to access the highest quality output.
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GT Studio's ML-assited tools, project management highlights, and performance analytics
  • ML-powered 2D and 3D data labeling tools
  • 5X faster throughputs than manual labeling
  • Powerful APIs for easy pipeline integration
  • Workflow builder for easy project management
  • Sophisticated built-in quality control tools
  • Real-time annotator productivity analytics

Create complex, high-quality datasets with ML-assisted tools

Supports various annotations/sensors

From agriculture to autonomous vehicles, cameras to lidar sensors, and everything in between, we power all unique ML use-cases with high-quality labeled data.

ML-powered labeling for common classes

Create high quality labeled datasets 5x faster with ML-assisted tools that allow pre-labeling of 80 classes across multiple use cases.

Fully-configurable interface

Create as many labeling jobs as you’d like with a custom number of classes and attributes/metadata under each class.
GT Create: Web-based labeling platform with image, video, and sensor fusion annotation tools with ML-assistance

Optimize your data pipelines and manage your workflows seamlessly

Quick API integrations

Drag and drop your data folder into our dashboard or use our fast and secure APIs to easily integrate our tool with your data pipelines.

Manage multiple workforces

Closely monitor projects, annotator productivity for each project, and other key metrics for multiple workforces through our highly-interactive dashboard.

Built-in quality check workflows

Use qualitative and quantitative metrics to ensure high-quality deliverables with custom or built-in quality check workflows.
GT Manage: Web-based labeling platform with workflow optimizer, key analytics, and easy pipeline management tools

Streamlining your data pipeline just got easier

Easy integration with ML pipelines
Step 1

Easy Integration

Drag and drop raw data into the Playment dashboard or use Playment’s secure APIs to integrate the data labeling platform with your ML pipelines.
Quick project setup with GT Studio
Step 2

Quick Project Setup

Configure labeling tasks and set up custom workflows for all your different projects or use our tried and tested built-in workflows.
Managed timelines with GT Studio
Step 3

Managed Timelines

Design all your efficient workflows and manage multiple workforces on a single, web-based platform, ensuring that your data labeling pipelines are more predictable.
Faster annotations with GT Studio's ML-assisted tools
Step 4

Faster Annotations

Playment’s ML-assisted tools do half the job for you, reducing reliance on 100% manual annotation efforts. Your teams can now build annotated datasets faster.
Built-in QC tools for building ground truth data
Step 5

Built-in QC Tools

Sampling, doodles, comments per annotation, and feedback reports help your team easily verify the quality of processed data to maintain quality standards.
Progress tracking with GT Studio Dashboard
Step 6

Progress Tracking

Access our interactive dashboard for a bird’s eye view of all your datasets from multiple labeling pipelines and organize projects more efficiently.
Performance monitoring with real-time analytics
Step 7

Easy Performance Monitoring

Real-time analytics help you measure the quality and productivity of annotators and help improve data performance via continuous reviews and feedback.

is your turnkey solution for data labeling

5X faster annotations with GT Studio

Maximized Productivity

ML-assisted tools, workflow customization, project management, quality control tools, and real-time analytics help boost your team's productivity by a large margin.
Access high-quality labeled datasets with Playment

Improved Quality

Keep quality in check with custom QC workflows, quantitative and qualitative metrics, built-in feedback mechanisms, and auto-generated progress reports.
GT Studio: Easily scalable data labeling platform

Easy Scalability

With detailed, real-time analytics, and error reports, you can help improve your team’s performance.
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Platform powering humans in the loop

After being in the industry for more than five years, we understand all the different pain points companies face with
data labeling. The Ground Truth Studio helps companies innovate faster by maximizing annotator productivity with
ML-assisted tools that do most of the heavy lifting.


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We're improving annotator productivity with
high-quality labels using our reliable platform.


Use Cases

With our platform you can solve the most complex labeling problems without hassle.



We’ve delivered the highest quality output for all our customers world-wide.

See what our happy customers say.

Playment's quality annotations helped us focus our efforts towards building perception system for our robots. Their flexibility to seamlessly incorporate our feedback and evolving requirements have made them a trusted partner.

Jack Guo

Software Engineer, Nuro
Quality annotations by Playment have helped us achieve higher accuracy of our models in a very short time. Flexible solutions, QA process, and dedicated project manager helped us have peace of mind. The team was able to experience a real off-loading of annotation needs.

Abhishek Gupta

Machine Learning Specialist, HELLA India Automotive
We were very impressed with Playment’s ability to grasp complex requirements and quickly build custom tools to support it. Our dedicated engagement manager was very helpful with sharing his domain expertise to formulate the right solution for our team.

Nikola Noxon

Senior Engineer, Daimler
Playment's fully managed approach has been critical in factoring the variability and scaling up our annotation requirements. Thanks to their tools and skilled workforce, we are extremely satisfied by the quality and turnaround time they have provided. I would highly recommend Playment.

Shmoolik Mangan

Algorithm Development Manager, Vayavision
Playment has proven both reliability and dedication to our project goals. All targets were met on time; data flow and QC processes were managed seamlessly at a high level. We appreciate the team’s ability to scale up processes and match our desired quality.

Liat Rosen

Data Processing Team Lead, INNOVIZ

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