Polygonal Segmentation tool for Computer Vision Research - 1

Polygon Annotation

For precise object shape detection and localization in images and videos

Time per annotation

Cost per annotation

Shape perception

Spatial perception

Supports 100s of classes

Well-designed tools to support large number of classes of interest.

Guaranteed Precision

Consensus models to verify each of the annotations by multiple users for label accuracy & annotation perfection.

Guaranteed Recall

Recursive checks from multiple users to detect all the objects of interest in the frame.

Use Cases

Polygonal Segmentation tool for Computer Vision Research - 2

Object localization from satellite and drone images

Used to best approximate the shape of objects captured from distant cameras.

Polygonal Segmentation tool for Computer Vision Research - 3

Detection of irregular shapes

Good for detection models for logos, street sign boards, facial and pose features in sports analytics, etc.

Polygonal Segmentation tool for Computer Vision Research - 4

Coarse Semantic Segmentation

Coarse segmentation for weak supervision of your models to improve your model accuracy.

All kinds of complexities are handled

Multiple Shapes

All shape annotations on single media

Lots of Classes

Support for hundreds of classes

Pixel Perfect Annotation

Guaranteed highly accurate results

Country Specific

Contexual information from the data

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