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Ground Truth Studio

A self-serve annotation platform suitable for teams of any size.
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  • ML-powered 2D and 3D data labeling tools
  • 5X faster throughputs than manual labeling
  • Powerful APIs for easy pipeline integration
  • Workflow Builder for easier project management
  • Sophisticated built-in quality control tools
  • Real-time annotator productivity analytics
  • Assured security and compliance

Fully Managed Service

End-to-end project management with our expert workforce working on GT Studio.
GT Studio Dashboard + Workforce
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  • Access to GT Studio Dashboard included
  • Auto-scale with 10,000+ expert annotators
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Up to 99.9% quality assurance
  • Guaranteed enterprise SLAs on delivery
  • Expert consulting services
  • Custom feature add-ons

A feature-rich, user-friendly tool that seamlessly integrates with your ML operations

Boost 5X productivity per annotator with the everything-in-one-place interface
Web-based Annotation Tools
Our heuristic design approach helps annotators use multiple tool features to enhance productivity by 5X.
Instruction Manuals
Annotators can have access
to your custom, detailed instructions at all times to maintain accuracy.
Multi-select Attributes/Class
A clean tool interface without
any other distractions to
help annotators focus on
the task at hand.
Built-In UI Enhancements
Brightness, contrast, and
opacity control to help
annotators accurately label blurred images.
ML Proposals
Pre-labeling for 2D  boxes along with auto-generated confidence scores for easy verification.
Auto-ground Segmentation
3DPC images are run through a program where all the ground points are auto segmented.
Keyboard Shortcuts
All tool functionalities have keyboard shortcuts to enable faster and easier actions.
Swift Zooming
To allow annotators to easily annotate far and distant
objects more accurately.
ML Assistance
Automatic masking of objects by marking 4 extreme points for easy semantic segmentation.
Flood Fill Segmentation
Automatically detects and segments large spaces in an image like sky, vegetation, etc.
Ego Motion Compensation
Stationary objects are labeled automatically across frames by compensating for ego motion.
Comments and Doodles
Editors can leave comments or draw doodles to provide instant feedback to annotators.
Class Layering
Draw foreground objects easily and fill in the background objects later without worrying about the boundary accuracy.
Instance Creation
Create accurate instance-aware annotations by assigning
distinct instance ids
to different objects.
Auto-Save Tasks
Annotators task progress is
never lost because the tool
automatically saves tasks
done by the annotator.
Object Interpolations
Faster object tracking via interpolations that automatically detect and annotate objects in five or more consecutive frames.
Manage large or small workforces with features that make project management easy
Powerful APIs
Easily integrate GT Studio
into your data pipeline via fast and secure APIs.
Role-based Access Control
Control who can create, manage, view, and edit projects with role-based access control.
Add Multiple Users
Add as many team members
and annotators as you’d like for multiple projects.
Create Multiple User Groups
Create user groups with your team members or annotators to assign projects and tasks easily.
Custom Workflow Builder
Build custom workflows for multiple projects with different action items in one interface.
Built-in QC Workflow
Add multiple quality checks in your workflow or use our tested process for higher accuracies.
No-code Project Configuration
With our simple and easy-to-use platform, you can configure projects in just a few clicks.
Drag and Drop Data
Drag and drop your data into our dashboard to easily integrate our tool with your data pipelines.
Python Code Compatibility
Use Python to easily
integrate your pipelines
with GT Studio.
Bulk Attribute/Class Setting
Set up classes, attributes,
and instances in bulk for all
your different projects in
just a few clicks.
Project Progress Tracking
Track project timelines,
annotator productivity, and
other key metrics via
real-time analytics.
Productivity Analytics
Provide better training and feedback with detailed metrics like time spent on annotations, error tracking, etc.
Feature Usage Analytics
Get detailed analytics
about different tool features
used, to improve your the
productivity of your team.
Confusion Metrics
Detailed metrics reveal annotators’ error metrics
between certain classes
and attributes.
Visual Inspection Tools
Allow editors to immediately
flag incorrect annotations during
the quality check process via visual inspection tools.
Feedback Reports
Fill gaps in quality by ensuring annotators are aware of their performance metrics via auto-generated feedback reports.
Leverage our auto-scaling, trained workforce whenever you need it
If you would like to outsource your labelling operations and want someone to take care of it entirely, you can count on us as partners. We’ve worked with a variety of use cases and different industries and can help you scale your labeling operations with our fully managed services.

Platform built for enterprise scale

Data labeling platform built for enterprise-scale with ML-assisted tools, refined pipeline management software, highest grade security, data protection compliance, guaranteed SLAs, and more.
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  • Custom-built pre-labeling models
  • Custom data pipeline management
  • Dedicated project management team
  • Assured data security and privacy compliance
  • Custom software upgrades

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the platform support all types of annotations?
The current version of GT-Studio seamlessly supports image, video, and sensor fusion annotations including 2D Bounding Boxes, Cuboids, Segmentation, Polylines, Polygons, Landmarks, and 2D-3D linking for both complex object detection and tracking annotations. The upcoming version will support point cloud segmentation.
Does the platform have any automation features to accelerate labeling tasks?
GT Studio has a wide range of automation features like ML Proposals for pre-labeling, ML-assistance and flood fill for easy segmentation, one-click cuboids, interpolations for 2D and 3D annotations, and many more.
Does the platform support analytics to quantify the quality of individual annotations and overall datasets?
Yes, the platform offers detailed analytics at the individual annotation and overall dataset levels to allow customers to gather key insights from overall team performance to streamline their labeling operations.
How does the platform support remote working environments?
As GT Studio is a web-based labeling platform, you can manage your remote team and data labeling operations in a single interface without any hassle. You can set up detailed workflows, configure projects, allocate tasks to annotators, monitor productivity and performance, and provide adequate feedback all via GT Studio. Additionally, the annotation tools in GT Studio are designed to improve productivity by 5X.
Does the platform support any interface to view annotations and share feedback on label quality?
GT Studio provides built-in QC tools like comments and doodles to provide instant feedback to annotators regarding label accuracies. Additionally, you can also access detailed analytics and auto-generated reports to provide adequate feedback to annotators to improve the quality of annotations.
Do you offer hybrid solutions tailored to our specific requirements?
Yes. Playment Enterprise is designed to ensure we can customize all our offerings to suit your platform and workforce requirements adeptly. You can talk to our experts to tailor our solution for your team.
Does the platform support all types of annotations?
How does the platform support remote working environments?
Does the platform have any automation features to accelerate labeling tasks?
Does the platform support any interface to view annotations and share feedback on label quality?
Does the platform support analytics to quantify the quality of individual annotations and overall datasets?
Do you offer hybrid solutions tailored to our specific requirements?