Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Playment offers fully managed data labeling services to its customers for data generated from various sensors primarily used for training and validation of machine learning models.

As part of providing a wholesome and complete experience we obtain, retain and use some of your personal information. This policy explains in general the manner in which such data is collected and used. For any specific queries please reach out to us directly. This policy applies to this website as all other links and web-pages run or operated by Playment, API or mobile applications and mobile sites (“Platforms”).

Accessing the Platform is deemed an acceptance of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use as valid and binding. In case you do not agree to the same you must stop accessing the above Platforms immediately. Any use of the Platforms is deemed a waiver for usage of personal information that is collected by Playment or made available or submitted by you. In case of any redaction if you do not agree to this policy or the terms of use please contact us separately at The Platforms are not meant for use or access by any children or minors. The Terms of Use also form an integral part of this Privacy Policy and should be read in consonance and form part of the contract under which you may access the Platform. Every instance of using or accessing the Platform is deemed a separate acceptance of the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.

Please note that this Privacy Policy in no way restricts or limits our collection and use of aggregate information. Playment reserves its right to use, collect, store, disclose and transfer all or any part of the data, including personal information, that is obtained by it by your access or use of the Platforms.

What Information is being collected?

We collect your personal information including personally identifiable information. Personal information is information relating to an individual or a natural born person (“individual”). Personally identifiable information is information that may be used to identify an individual. Personal Information will include all items like name, account details, mobile numbers, e-mail address, demographic data, Platform access details including time of access and location, other location data, IP address, account information, browser, OS, data input and user details are also collected and may be used.

How and why is the information collected?

This information is generally collected either automatically or based on user input. By filling out forms, creating accounts, providing communication details or otherwise generally accessing the Platform you provide data. This data may also be collected for ensuring proper user experience, enhancing our ability to serve our client base and users and for other aggregating and analytical purposes. The data is also important for ensuring the Platforms stability and security. We may also use data analytics and cookies as part of the Platform. Cookies help ensure fast and reliable access to the Platform. We follow industry practices for the use of cookies and you enable or disable the same at your choice. The data collected also includes many other data sets including data obtained from your browser and service provider as to your history and means of access. This data may also be collected, stored, used or disclosed through third parties, for example your ISP or referrals. A lot of this information is extremely important for providing quick and secure user access to the Platform and for a smooth user experience.

What are your rights with respect to your data? AND GDPR Compliance

In addition to the above, you have the right to obtain information about the particulars of your data that is collected, stored or used under this Policy and the Terms of Use. You can always request for the personal data to be corrected, modified for accuracy or deleted. Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding the same.

Data protection

The security of your data is a priority and is taken extremely seriously. If you see any improper or illegal use of data or have serious concerns regarding the possibility of the same, please contact us immediately. The Platform may use various encryptions to ensure security. Encrypted connections are displayed with the URL “https://” instead of the normal “http://”.

We are dedicated to ensuring compliance with international directives including the European Commission’s GDPR.

This privacy policy is updated from time to time.

Terms of Use

Accessing the Platform is deemed an acceptance of these Terms of Use between yourself and Playment Inc as a valid and binding contract. In case you do not agree to the same you must stop accessing the above Platforms immediately. Any use of the Platforms is deemed a waiver for usage of personal information that is made available or submitted by you and an acceptance of all the Terms of Use. If you wish to access the Platform but do not agree with the Terms of Use then please write to us at [](

Every instance of using or accessing the Platform is deemed a separate acceptance of the of these Terms and in exchange you are granted a limited, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to access and use the Platforms as set out with no warranty on part of Playment as to any end-use or as to the factual correctness of the contents thereof. Playment shall not accrue any liability from your access or use of the Platforms.

As part of the Terms of Use, you also agree not to upload any malicious software, program or algorithm that would interfere with the functioning of the Platforms or to access or retain any data provided in, through or at the Platforms without express permission from Playment.

You also grant us permission to use and access cookies as part of the Platform and access to it. You also certify that you are accessing and using the Platform voluntarily, with free consent. You may only access or use the Platform if the same is permissible under your local law and you are a major. You are also required to ensure that the Platform is not accessed by any minors or children.

If multiple persons use the Platform in a session then these Terms shall apply to all of them notwithstanding whether one or many or all or none of them may be involved in the session at any point in time.

You grant permission to Playment to freely use, store, collect, transfer, analyse, disclose and delete the data. The terms of the Privacy Policy are in addition to but subject to these terms.

You acknowledge and accept that the data mentioned above is use, store, collect, transfer, analyse, disclose and delete primarily for a commercial purpose.

You shall not use any part of the intellectual property of Playment or its clients, associates or other third parties on the Platform or in any manner disseminate the same, without separate express permission.

You agree to keep confidential and to yourself all information relating to third parties, including our clients and users, that you may have access to as part of accessing and using the Platform.

You grant us the permission to store, modify, annotate your data.

You are solely responsible for your actions and inactions while accessing or using the Platforms. Playment also does not assume any liability for the actions or inactions of a user.

Playment reserves the right to bar or limit access to the website for any user at any point in time for any purpose.

Playment may at any time assign its obligations and rights under these Terms of Use to any other person at its discretion without any notice.

Playment is not required to issue any notice obtain any consents or permissions with respect to the use, storage, collection, modification, review or analysis of your data. Playment also reserves the right to modify these terms from time to time.

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